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Jungson JA 200 Monoblock AmpsJungson JA 200 Monoblock Amps
2017-06-03 13:08:07Mono Blocks8,850.00 USD
I am selling these for a friend at a give away price. These are not well known s ...

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Bel Canto Dac 3.7 VBL and REF Link
2700.00 USD
DescriptionThe Bel Canto DAC 3.7 is an exceptional DAC and will stand against DACs of greater price - if you have the REF LINK!
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PS Audio Power Plant AC Regenerator
500.00 USD
DescriptionOriginal box - perfect condition - ready to go.
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Devialet D Premier
5,900.00 USD
DescriptionThe Devialet D Premier was the first release of Devialet - its secret weapon? a strikingly good phono preamp.
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Magnapan 20.7 Speakers
8500.00 USD
DescriptionThese maggies were lovingly cared for and are ready for your listening enjoyment. "Sound Anchor" stands thrown in.
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Tritium Air Bearing Tonearm Turntable
20,000 USD
Descriptionamazing turntable and unique design.
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H.H. Scott StereoMaster 311D-FM Tuner
315.00 USD
DescriptionH.H. Scott FM Tuner needs work. could be used for parts. Estate Sale. Local pickup only.