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Core Audio Designs (Core)

CORE products are designed and manufactured in Rohnert Park, California. Materials are sourced from US suppliers that share the same economic and environmental values as Core Audio Designs. Each component is carefully fabricated by skilled artisans using traditional chisel and mallet techniques to state-of-the-art computer aided laser cutters & routers.

The new plyKraft platform is composed of domestic high density FSC & CARB certified Apple-Ply. The massive 2” Apple-Ply stock consists of 34 layers of hardwood laminates.

The construction of Apple-Ply lends itself to be the building blocks for their new shelves. The exposed Apple-Ply edge offers a refreshing design element that can be integrated into any décor. As with previous designs, the shelves are milled in the center to create two hollow chambers accessible from the underside of the platform by removing the two brushed aluminum composite Di-Bond®/ALUPANEL® panels. The chambers are preloaded with their blend of damping materials to create a high mass, low resonance core.