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The Yamamura Mellenium signal cable is a cult classic. Japanese, handmade, rare.
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Ultrasone's new handmade newcomers, Edition 8 EX and Jubilee 25 Edition ($2199 and $5999 respectively) are both closed-back deluxe headphones with reduced emissions using the ULE standard (Ultra Low Emission) and S-Logic EX technology. Ultrasone's Jubilee 25 Edition has high-gloss ear cups made of Makassar ebony and finished with piano lacquer. The finely-crafted decorative inlay is of high-gloss polished 925 sterling silver. An engraved logo adorns the matt chrome housing. The ear cushions and the pad of the solid aluminum headband are made of finest dark grey leather from Ethiopian long-haired sheep. The supplied premium case provides protection when storing and safe transportation. Impedance of the Edition 8 EX is 32 Ohms and it has a frequency range from 5Hz to 46kHz. Drivers are 40mm titanium-plated Mylar with NdFeB magnets. Read More

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The Yamamura Mellenium signal cable is a cult classic. Japanese, handmade, rare.