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Jungson JA 200 Monoblock AmpsJungson JA 200 Monoblock Amps
2017-06-03 13:08:07Mono Blocks8,850.00 USD
I am selling these for a friend at a give away price. These are not well known s ...

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The Brooklyn DAC: I'll Take Manhattan

If you've ever hailed a cab in Brooklyn and tried to get across town, that's kind of what it's like to get around the Brookyn DAC. The Brooklyn DAC Headphone Preamplifier sits quietly in the tech room. Its slender figure is dwarfed by the woody expanse of the Core Audio Designs shelf, presenting the appearance of a miniature version of an audiophile component. For its relatively tiny footprint, the DAC sports a wide assortment of ports on the back, from a full-size C15 AC power inlet, to SPD/F, USB, and AES. The front panel accommodates a wide variety of settings in geeky bravado.

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