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The Aluminous Velvet Mini Component Foot: IVCM

At this writing, this set of three "ICVM" (Isolation Vibration Component Module) feet reside under a Peachtree Decco amplifier. Given their performance, I highly doubt they will ever leave. The fuller resolution, especially in the high frequencies, diminishing glare or shrill qualities, is a welcome help for the Peachtree. Also found under the TotalDAC digital audio converter in the reference room of Shunyata Research, performance and evaluation testbed for new products, the Velvet Mini component feet are remarkable in their ability to enhance the performance of audio components, whether, amplifier or source component. A friend will borrow them to see how they do in his system, however, he must get his own! Full disclosure here - I represent Luke Zitterkopf of Aluminous Audio. But, I really know these work so I don't have an issue just putting it out there. If you don't believe in something, don't say it or sell it.


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Ze'ev Schlik, of Pure Audio Project, an open-baffle DIY speaker designer, will be exhibiting at the the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival, 5-7 October. Coming all the way from Tel-Aviv, Israel, Ze'ev stopped in at the offices of Shunyata Research, where we listened to one of his latest DIY creations, the Quintet 15.  Ze'ev provides speaker kits to his customers direct, so it pays to stop in and visit him at Room 522.

Even if you have never built a speaker before, you can do it! I know, because I did. It was fun and it sounds great.