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The Aesthetix IO Signature Phono Stage Preamplifier is in a league of its own.
A A A was launched on 21 March 2016 in order to provide an alternative for classified advertising of audio components. In its second year, it continues to grow as more customers learn of its advantages through the alternatives it offers in advertising the buying and selling of audio gear. We use a subscription service for advertising, a points system to allow customers to enhance their advertisments, and banner advertising for business. By subscribing, customers validate their authenticity, thus rendering the purchase experience safe and enjoyable. By paying a small amount up front, customers avoid the exhorbitant costs later, after an item is sold.

About Mino is one creative project undertaken by Mino Christante. Mino has worked directly under Caelin Gabriel of Shunyata Research since 2004. In that time, Mino has worn many hats: IT Manager, wed development for, product evaluation and testing, technical project management, special projects research, tecnical purchasing. {module 333}

About Tante, LLC

Mino has acquired valuable experience in the audio industry. As the founder of Tante Music Enterprises Group. Mino undertakes special projects that include any of the following: musical engraving, musical arranging, session recording projects, private component product evaluation, and special project development. The private evaluation is a paid service that includes a written deliverable documenting musical qualities presented by the test component. Please contact Mino or visit for more information.


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